January 2019

January 2019

Wow, I can't believe I have been here a year already.  I feel like it has been a good year.  I continue to be amazed and thanful for the support I have received.  I can remember just a few weeks in, I received phone call that Walter Riice had passed.  Then a couple days later another call that Bill Thompson had unexpectedly passed.  I had never done a funeral before, and now I had two in two days.  You were there for me.  Several of you jumped in and helped me in a number of ways.  I didn't even have a suit jacket to do the funerals in.  I went to the Salvation Army and bought one for three dollars.  Whether you were praying for me, giving me encouragement, preparing and cleaning for a funeral dinner, or helping me with the actual funeral, your being there was amazing.

I think I know from experience that the support you all gave is not normal.  It is what you should do.  However as the diswtrict lay leader I worked closely with at least two dozen or so churches.  Those churches did not support each other, or help and encourage like you all have at Table of Grace.  I was expecting what I had experienced the last several years.  I didn't expect what I received.  THANKS.

Are we perfect at Table of Grace?  Absolutely not, but all I can say is "wow" we are ahead of the curve so to speak.  You are, you have, and you continue to show God's love.  It was a year of many firswts for me and I could never have dreamt how you all have stepped up to help me, help each other, and help the community.  You are making 1 Corinthians 13 come to life.

This new year will bring many more firsts for us at Table of Grace,  Again are we perfect?  Certainly not, but I really believe we have a big head start.  I am very excited about the new firswts that are coming, the things we will do for the second time, and the visions you have for the future.  I hope you all realize how well you are doing and what you have.  2019 at Table of Grace will be amazing.